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Riga is one of the most adrenaline-fuelled stag party destinations in Europe, combining amazing countryside with a committed faction of extreme sports junkies! It's no surprise, then, that while other stag places are content to throw you lot into some go karts and leave it at that, the Latvian capital city has to go one better...

Buggy racing is like karting's disreputable older brother. It's bigger, badder and dirtier in every way. Climb aboard tough 4x4 buggies for an adventure that'll get the blood pumping and relegate those hangovers to distant memories. Think demolition derby meets rallycross in the Latvian countryside!

Your chariots are poky little numbers fitted with full roll cages and safety netting. No prizes for guessing how rough the course is going to be, then. The objective's simple. Guts and glory, or hang your heads in shame. Charge over the starting line, and it's every stag for himself!

If you want to do something a bit special (and very muddy!) on your stag, buggy racing's the game for you. See the wonderful countryside outside Riga, then destroy it with insatiable dirt buggies. Who'll be king of the off road track - and who'll end up stuck in the bog?

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