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Sometimes, you gotta go with the classics. Clay pigeon shooting is an outstanding stag party activity no matter where you do it. When you do it in Riga, surrounded by the plains and rivers of Latvia's Gulf of Riga, it's even better.

There's nothing like blowing stuff out of the sky with actual live ammunition. You'll be using proper sporting shotguns, which roar like the lion and kick like the mule, and when you hit the clay it explodes with a satisfying shatter. Unlike static target shooting, you get to feel like a real marksman, tracking the disc through the sky, leading it with your barrel and dusting it before it escapes!

We're taking you to a great clay pigeon shooting centre just outside Riga, where you'll be welcomed by friendly staff who are well used to entertaining hungover lads. Everyone in the stag party gets 25 shots to play with. After a few practice pulls, you'll get competitive.

There's a full equipment instruction and safety briefing before you start, and your gun instructors are there at every shot to help you master the art of deadly accuracy (and make sure you don't accidentally shoot the groom). Can you beat the ultimate challenge and take out two clays with a double pop?

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