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Stag parties come to Riga for its wild outdoor activities. The good news is, Latvia's crazy capital is just as full-on at night! But where are you going to find the best lady action in the city? We thought you'd never ask...

We've arranged for a smoking hot local guide to get your stag party into the bars that don't hold back. She'll take you on an eye-popping tour of three of the finest locations in town, filled with wall to wall fitties who aren't shy about showing off. For a night that ticks all the important boxes, our exotic club tour is the business.

When you go clubbing with a local lass, you'll avoid all the overpriced tourist traps and steer well clear of dodgy strip clubs where the entertainment is old enough to be your nan. And with VIP entry to every spot, you'll avoid all the tedious queuing. Forget splitting the group to get past the door staff. This one's on us.

No stag party in Riga is complete without a wild night out. They don't come much wilder than this. Best men, book up and relax. You'll see a monumental strip club and two hedonistic nightclubs before the sun comes up.

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