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Reining in the budget doesn't have to mean missing out on the big treats. Riga, which is fast making a name for itself as the adrenaline-junkie's stag party destination of choice, offers a unique opportunity for the boys. Find out what it's like to do a free fall skydive, without having to go up in a plane!

This brilliant installation, which is at a sports centre located not far from Riga itself, shoots you up into the sky on a pressurised air jet, and keeps you there for the duration. Yup, you're actually flying. Like a freaking superhero. And you don't even need a jetpack. Move over, Iron Man. There's a new boy on the block!

Here's how it works. The lads take it in turns to stand inside a massive bowl padded with inflatable buffers. The machine is turned on, and they go shooting up into the air like the Man of Steel himself. After a few exhilarating seconds of unpowered flight, Super Stag floats gently back to earth in a controlled free fall. Amazing.

This is one of the coolest stag party activities we've ever done. It's a hell of a hangover cure, too. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's Dave, squealing like a little girl.

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