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When you're travelling into Riga from the airport, what do you want to look at - big buildings and ancient landmarks, or naked breasts and tiny thongs?

Get picked up in real stag party style, with a modern limousine crammed to the sunroof with nude ladies! You can book as many strippers as you want to entertain the boys on your airport transfer - and you can even ask us to get you some girls for the ride back on Sunday too. If there's a better way to end a stag party, we've never heard of it.

We can also book you a limo with strippers for a ride to one of Riga's nightclubs. Why rock up in the back of a taxi, when your stag party could spill out the doors of a limo with gorgeous girls inside hurriedly putting their clothes back on?

Whatever you want - a saucy airport transfer, a swanky club taxi or just to cruise through the city with hot chicks - we'll make it happen. And because you book in advance, you're guaranteed a good price from a trustworthy stripper agent.

Enjoy the best quality shows, and ride in the only style that's acceptable for a last weekend of freedom!

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