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Karts not enough for you? Take your stag party driving to the next level with an off road session. You'll be tested to the max in proper forests, on tracks and trails that start slow and end in full-on battles with Mother Nature herself. Are you man enough?

A stag party in Riga is all about getting serious with the Latvian countryside. And there are few better ways to do that than crushing it with the tyres of a proper 4x4 monster. Plus, unlike the majority of UK based off road driving packages, everyone in the group gets a crack at steering. Make sure you leave whoever got drunkest last night for the final stretch!

You'll be coached in the finer points of off road driving by experts, who are there to guide your safari across the plains and through the forest. After a safety briefing and demonstration session, your guide will tailor the adventure so you get the most fun possible for your levels of skill and experience.

The countryside outside of Riga is heaven on earth for the mud muncher. Saddle up and roll out, lads. This is real off road driving, for real men. Just remember - what goes down the slope must come back up!

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