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Turn the stag into a proper mug with a fake police kidnap! He'll poo his pants when the Latvian 'rozzers' come through the door looking for him, and you lot get to nick his beer while he's being grilled at the station. Hilarious.

This is one of the all-time classic stag weekend stitch ups. It starts when you take the big man to a pub in central Riga for a quiet pint. Then all hell breaks loose as our fake cops burst in and slap the cuffs on him for a crime he didn't commit!

Everything's all set up beforehand, of course - the police are really talented actors hired by us to do the job. But he doesn't know that, and when he's chucked unceremoniously into the back of a pretend police van he'll fear the worst.

Meanwhile, you boys finish his beer, order another round and put your feet up (if you can stay still long enough between all the belly laughs!). We'll return the stag to you in one piece, shaken but embarrassed when he realises he's been taken for a fool...

Our team of 'police' are experts at running the kidnap gag for just the right length of time. Just when your boy is getting ready to call his future father in law for bail money, they'll reveal the joke and set him free.

You can't do this kind of stitch up on your own! Keep it safe and legal: let us do all the legwork...

In a nutshell:

  • Hilarious stag kidnap in Riga
  • We sort everything for you
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