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You've always wanted to do it, but how do you stitch the stag up good and proper without getting arrested (or giving the poor chap pneumonia)? Easy. You get a bunch of actors dressed up like proper Riga police officers to screech up to the pub in a van and bundle him off for interrogation. It's the practical joke to end all practical jokes: as legal and above-board as a walk in the park, and you won't even cop any flack from the missus. Prepare to be legendary.

Here's how it works. You suggest getting the stag weekend started with a couple of looseners in a pub in central Riga. Once you're all quaffing away nicely, our band of pretend rozzers piles in and hauls the groom away for a grilling. You and the rest of his mates kick back and suck up a few more brewskis while you wait for him to get back - hopefully with his sense of humour still intact!

We sort everything, so you don't have to worry about a thing. Just remember to be in the right place at the right time. The rest is up to us!

Phones at the ready, gentlemen. This is one priceless lot of video footage you won't want to miss...

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