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Feast eyes as well as bellies with this guaranteed slice of stag party success! We've gone all out to create the best stag meal ever, replete with epic courses and barrel-loads of booze. Oh, and multiple strippers getting it on for your viewing pleasure.

Not only have we arranged for your stag party to get fed in the awesome surroundings of one of Riga's favourite places - we've also knocked up a pair of sensational shows for you to choose from. Pick classic strippers for a stag standard you can't miss. Or throw some lesbian Soviet nurses into the mix for a touch of originality!

Either way, you get between 5 and 6 girls, getting down and dirty with each other like porn stars. That's as many naked chicks as you get free shots of vodka or pints of beer. If you're not completely wasted and happy as Larry by the time you go on to the club, you're either an alcoholic or a monk. Or both.

Did we mention we're getting you into a top club as well? If you choose the classic stripper option, we'll whisk you off to a Riga nightclub for a VIP evening of excess. Go for the lesbo nurses and you'll be moving on to a strip club when the feasting's done. Score!

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