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Want to party like actual rock stars on your stag weekend? Of course you do! Set the bar high for epic antics with a VIP sauna party.

Definitely the sort of thing you want to keep secret from the Mrs, a VIP sauna party is the stag weekend event that just keeps on getting better! Think of it as the best shindig you've ever been to and the greatest strip show in history, all rolled into one massive booze-filled slice of awesome.

You'll be treated like the kings of rock n roll when you sign in to your private sauna in Riga, where the boys get the use of all facilities plus a dirty great heap of free drink. Oh, and there are many beautiful ladies waiting to hang out with you too! They'll start the party wearing next to nothing - and by the end of it there won't be a shred of clothing in sight...

What could be more awesome? Drink, chill, drink some more and chat up high class strippers. The girls are great fun, and will teach you plenty of lines to use in Riga's nightclubs later on!

There's food by the bucketload, and the party finishes with an epic lesbian show. Stag weekend high jinks don't get any better than this!

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