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Ahoy there! Calling all First Mates, it's time to splice the mainbrace, get the sun up over the yard-arm and play with your jib-boom spanker. Or you could leave all that to the captain and get involved with the on-board beers. Just imagine sailing gently round the gorgeous Latvian coast, drink in hand, while you recap last night's adventures or plan the entertainment for the evening ahead in Riga. After all, if a man can't make like the rich and infamous on his stag weekend, when can he?

You'll get the use of your yacht for 2 hours, perfect for rounding up those fuzzy heads in the morning and getting them to the marina (transfer is provided) in time for a leisurely afternoon cast-off. By the time you've rounded the halfway mark and set sail for home, your hangovers will have vanished thanks to fresh air, sea breezes and top-notch beer. We'll have you refreshed, relaxed and ready for action again by the time you get back to Riga.

Chill like a playboy, relax on the polished teak sundeck where a fresh brew from the cooler is only an arm stretch away. First one to make a joke about Master Bates or Seaman Staines gets the shots in when you get back. Yo ho ho!

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