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What's the number one sendoff meal for a bunch of boys on the razz? A curry, obviously! But where are you going to find a decent curry house in Salou? Well, you don't have to. We've done it for you.

Tuck into creamy Korma, pungent Jalfrezi and eye-watering Vindaloo, with all the trimmings. We're talking vegetable rice, pilau, saffron rice, naan breads and pappadums, plus spicy chutneys and fantastically fresh yoghurt dips. The only question is whether you're going for the sag aloo, the onion bhaji, or both!

An Indian meal is a perfect centrepiece to the first night of a stag party. With our dedicated foodies on the case, you don't have to scratch a curry off the list just because you're going to Salou. This place is guaranteed to tickle the tastebuds of even the most dedicated fan. And it's right up your street (literally) for going out and partying afterwards!

The only bad thing about a stag party curry is the confusion the bill usually causes. With chapatis and naan breads flying around the table, it's almost impossible to work out who had what and who owes how much. Just as well you've prebooked your Indian meal and paid for the lot already. Best men, you have our permission to be smug now.

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