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Ah bejesus - someone's stolen me Frosted Lucky Charms! Fortunately, we know where to find you some massive burgers instead. Get ready for a huge night in Salou with a couple of pints of genuine Irish Guinness, a load of stag party menu faves and heaping plates of side dishes. Slainte!

There's no better way to line tums than with a cracking meal. And sometimes, you just want to know what you're going to get before you sit down. If your stag party is full of fellers with different tastes in nosh, or if you all just want to skip the decisions and go straight for the steak and chips, our Irish meal is just the ticket!

Perfect for stag parties that need to please everyone, including veggies - there are tons of hearty veg equivalents on the menu - the Irish meal is a winner from start to finish. A couple of pints of cold Guinness, a big old plate of comfort food, and everyone's ready to get involved.

Rejuvenate your stags after a long flight, and get them in the right frame of mind to enjoy the rest of the weekend. When you've quaffed the last dregs of Guinness and mopped up the final few fries, we'll send in a fun-loving local guide to take you out on the town. Job well and truly done.

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