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There's a reason why the Costa Dorada has its name. 'Dorada' means 'golden' in Spanish - and when you head off on a sunset cruise from hard-partying Salou, you'll understand why. As the setting sun turns the sea and the coastline a deep gold, and you raise your glasses to another night of stag party excess, it's easy to see what makes the Catalan party destination so popular with the lads!

Your sunset cruise starts with an afternoon fooling about in the water just off the coast of Salou. Snorkel, swim and generally arse around while the Spanish sun tops up those tans and the breeze takes your hangovers away.

It's not all chilling, mind. To make sure we've blasted every little bit of your headache away, we're putting you on a stag party favourite - a super-fast banana boat ride! Bounce behind the speedboat at frankly mental speeds while the groom holds on for dear life, and try not to laugh so hard you fall off too!

By now the sun will have started its journey down to the sea. So it's all back on board for a selection of lipsmacking tapas, a couple of beers and an epic cruise back to Salou. The latest choons soundtrack your journey, and you'll arrive in time to go out for dinner and hit the bars. Nice!

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