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So you've survived the first night out in Salou, the ice is broken, the guys are starting to get to know each other and the epic hangovers have kicked in. Must be day two of your stag do! Now, the question is, gents, what are you going to do next?

The afternoon activity can make or break a stag do. Some heavy drinking might sound like the only way to power through the after-effects of the first night, but you're leaving yourself open to disaster if you hit the bars too early. Either everyone ends up passed out with sunstroke by 6pm, or you drink yourselves sober and have to spend the whole of the Saturday night trying to get hammered again. Not a good look for the last big night of the groom's freedom!

Get the boys off the beers for a few hours instead. Sling 'em into a couple of rollercoasters to get the blood pumping, leap on the log flume to clear the head. By the time you've all finished yelling like a bunch of massive kids, you'll be feeling a hell of a lot better.

Salou is close to one of Spain's best theme parks, and we've got tickets to get your whole stag party in with the minimum of fuss. Oh, and the best bit? The park's open all day, so you just head on over when the group hangover is at its lowest ebb!

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