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You know the legend of Robin Hood off by heart. We've all seen Hawkeye draw his bow in the The Avengers, and Oliver Queen crush bad guys as Arrow on TV. Step into the boots of the heroes and experience the awesomeness of archery on your Sheffield stag party. You'll learn the basics and try your hand at a little target practice at our outdoor activity site in Nottinghamshire. You can't get a more fitting location than that! Master the essential skills in the home of the man himself.

Here's how this works: our qualified archery instructors do the necessary safety briefing, get you all fixed up with high quality bows, and show you all the different stages to the archery shot. There's more to it than you think. Can you nock your arrow, line up your shot, release and follow it through in one go? Once you've learned the techniques, you'll shoot for real. Who can stay focused, smash it and get top score on the day?

The best thing about archery is that any lad can do it. Doesn't matter if you're young or old, hench or have a bit of a beer belly going on. If you want something fun and exciting that's fine for a whole bunch of different ages and abilities, archery is ideal. Everyone will love this, and the bride's dad gets to make loads of jokes about shooting the stag. Perfect.

One of the best Sheffield stag party ideas, archery will test your skill, cool and nerve. It's also competitive, which makes it perfect for a stag. Lads, we have a winner!

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