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Do you want people to think your Sheffield stag weekend was awesome? Do Battlezone Archery. It's way more impressive than straight up paintball but has all the thrill of it. Plus you play in the city centre so it doesn't take up as much time as other activities like climbing in the Peaks. Get into teams and shoot each other with arrows that assimilate shock so no one is injured. Collect your weapon, grab a face mask and run onto the battlefield yelling and roaring. Playtime is over. This is war!

Over the course of an hour you'll run, duck, dive, dodge and take your friends out with your trusty bow and arrow. Games are based on the kind you play in dodgeball and paintball. After each 10-minute game you switch ends and get back to trying to 'kill' each other in true warrior style. Score enough points and win enough games and your team will win the whole shooting match. The stag is in for one or two surprises and there may be a few curved balls when you're least expecting them. Anything can and will happen in this game!

Event coordinators will take care of everything from handing out the necessary kit to refereeing games and keeping track of team scores. The biggest decision you'll need to make is whether or not to do team uniforms or fancy dress.

Tell us when you're having your Sheffield stag weekend and we'll put your names down for war games. Big groups can have a tournament with rounds. Smaller groups can play games to win a match.

In a nutshell:

  • Battlezone Archery and other team games inspired by paintball and dodgeball
  • Battle with pliable bows and arrows equipped with rubber points
  • No mess or pain
  • Face protection and body armour if required
  • Compete to win a match or tournament if you are a larger group
  • Activity lasts for an hour
  • Dedicated accredited instructors
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