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We've got something special in store for you lucky gents. Book our crazy bungee run as a standalone stag party activity, or combine it with driving and shooting options at our activity centre.

Situated just down the motorway from Sheffield, this is our pride and joy. When you're charging desperately for the end of the bungee, velcro baton in hand, you'll understand why!

The bungee run is perfect stag party fodder, particularly for day two of your weekend. If the lads are suffering a bit after a wild night on Sheffield's West Street, and in the city centre pubs and clubs, a mad competition on an inflatable bungee course will cure them in no time!

The bungee run is deceptively simple and a ton of fun. Split into two teams, your stag party will be tasked with running as far as they can while hitched to a horizontal bungee cord. The objective: stick a velcro baton onto the centre measuring area. The furthest one out wins.

The bungee course is fully inflatable, which is just as well. When the cord snaps back, you'll go flying with it and slam into the big soft wall at the end!

This is one of the funniest activities in our outdoor centre, and a brilliant way to bring the lads back to life. We'd recommend booking it as the first activity in an afternoon package.

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