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Unfortunately this activity is no longer available in this area, please see our full list of alternative activities available in Sheffield

Want to do something with guns, but don't want to explain to the groom's wife to be how he broke his thumb trying to fire a shotgun with a hangover? No worries. We've got the hi tech equivalent. Say goodbye to noisy live ammo and guns that kick like a mule, and hello to futuristic laser shotguns!

Lasers, or laser clays to give the sport its full name, is a brilliant alternative to clay pigeon shooting. It's perfect for the stag party that fancies a go at sharpshooting but doesn't want to mess around with hard-to-handle equipment. Because the laser shotgun doesn't kick back, aiming and tracking is much easier, and a higher proportion of clays get hit first time. The clay uses a reflective surface to determine whether your shot hit it or not.

We'll make sure you return to Sheffield well satisfied!

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