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Tallinn and beer go together like hangovers and bacon sarnies. When you're in the Baltic's most beautiful and historic city, it'd be a shame not to sample some of the real local stuff!

We've put together a stag party brewery tour guaranteed to put hairs on the chest of every man in sight. Forget pale imitations like fizzy Euro lager and continental fruit beers. This long-established local favourite combines a spectacular ancient setting with some of the best damn brewskis you'll ever wrap your lips around.

The Tallinn brewery specialises in the art of brewing live beer to an old Austrian recipe. Basically, live beer is a top notch version of the stuff you get out of kegs in your local boozer. In Tallinn, only the purest ingredients are allowed in, and the result is a pint that contains living yeast for a full flavour and a very healthy strength!

Your stag party gets to sample five different house beers, and we've provided an English speaking beer boffin to give you the lowdown on what you're quaffing. Though after the fifth one, you probably won't care.

What's not to like? It's cultured, it's a history lesson, and it gets you pissed as a newt. Smashing stuff.

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