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Bang on. It's time to blow some shit up.

Clay pigeon shooting is the ultimate stag party activity. You get to destroy stuff, fire guns legally and get a bit of a competition going. Plus, it's the ideal environment for the lads to break out the Hoxton bonnets and dress like a bunch of farmers. So what are you waiting for? Get those brogues on and show Tallinn how a real gentleman does it!

We're taking you to a first rate outdoor activity centre just outside the city, where the rolling Baltic countryside rings to the sound of stags shooting things. First, your instructor will lead you through gun safety and show you the basics. Learn to track the pigeon and lead your shot for a guaranteed kill.

Once you've burst your first clay, you'll never look back. We've seen grown men stamping and snorting like horses after just one session!

Every stag party needs a challenge. Shoot for points, and turn those points into drinking forfeits later on. First kill buys everyone a round of beers, last one to hit a clay has to do a shot for every one he missed.

The shooting range is only 20 minutes from the middle of Tallinn's Old Town. Transfers are provided.

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Clay Pigeon Shooting

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