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Tallinn's prestigious medieval history is everywhere - in the city walls, the ancient buildings of the Old Town, the monuments and squares. It's also in the food. And there's nowhere better to sample some lordly grub than this genuine Middle Ages hall!

We've got reservations waiting for the stag party that wants more than your average fare. Perfect for the Saturday night, when the boys are clubbed out and up for something more social, our medieval banquet will transport you back to olden times when men were men, women wore ridiculously tight corsets and a meal wasn't a meal unless there was a dead pig on the table.

Quaff fine flagons of honeyed mead, rip hunks off a stag-approved portion of wild boar and wave your tankard around like Robert Baratheon himself! While you feast, medieval entertainment adds to the atmosphere, and serving wenches bursting out of their bodices keep the beer and wine flowing.

Choose from wild game dishes, locally caught fish and fresh meat. Dip chunks of home made bread into rich spicy sauces. Toast the lord of the manor with overflowing steins. When Tallinn does medieval banqueting, she does it in style.

Book your medieval banquet when you arrange your stag party, and we'll get the boys to pay the bill in advance. There's no hassle on the night, just a right royal evening of quality feasting!

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