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Get some! Blast the living daylights out of the groom in a genuine historic setting as you play paintball in an actual abandoned Soviet military base. Your stag weekend could probably do with a little jolt after the first night in Tallinn, and what better way to give it than in full-on mano e mano combat?

Tallinn's taken a pragmatic approach to exorcising the bad old days of Soviet control, typical of the vibrancy and colour of the rest of the city. Fire a million little balls of paint at it, until all the grey stuff has been well and truly coloured in.

As far as your stag party is concerned, the setup is simple. Turn up, suit up, listen to safety briefing, start yelling lines from classic war movies while you pop some hypercoloured caps in the asses of your best mates. You'll get three hours to play out some awesome games, and with 200 'rounds' per gun thrown in there'll be plenty of carnage before you need to think about reloading.

So really all that's left to do is work out who you want to be. Arnie? Sly? The Stathe?

Your Tallinn paintball package includes:

  • Full safety briefing
  • Safety equipment
  • Gun and 200 paintballs
  • 3 hours play
  • Extra rounds can be purchased on site
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This Package Includes

  • Paintballing
  • Exotic Club Tour
  • Airport Transfers
  • Accommodation

From £153.00

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