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Want to up the ante on the classic stag party stitch up? Leave it to us! We've got a talented troupe of actors waiting for you in Tallinn, ready to play a convincing 'good cop, bad cop' scene starring your best mate. Awesome.

The ultimate stag-scarer, our police kidnap scenario has been planned down to the fine details. We'll secretly arrange a takedown location with you - it'll be a bar in central Tallinn - and all you have to do is get the groom there at the right time. Then sit back, quaff fine Estonian beers and wait for the action to begin...

Our 'cops' will bust into the bar looking for a tourist who's committed a crime. When they see your boy, they'll wrongly identify him as the perpetrator and whisk him off for interrogation. He poos himself, you drink his pint, and everyone's happy! Well, except the groom, but hey, it's his stag party. What did he expect?

After a suitably nailbiting interval, during which time your boy will become convinced he's going to spend his wedding night in a Tallinn slammer, the joke's explained and he's returned to the gang. We suggest lining up a couple of beers for him if you don't want a hissy fit when he gets back!

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