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So you've seen the boobies, nailed the shots and owned the dance floor. It's time for a change of pace. The second afternoon of a successful stag party is all about healthy competition!

We'll hook you up with lanes at a local bowling alley, where you and the boys get to kick back, relax and play a few frames while the hangovers slowly drift away. Which they'll do with a little help from your hosts, who've decided to welcome you with shots and beer. That's just how they roll in Tallinn.

Ten pin bowling is the choice of champions for a perfect stag party Saturday. You won't divide the crowd, because no-one has to be Usain Bolt to compete. Plus, if there are any lads in the group who don't want to join in, they can come along for the crack and sit around drinking.

We've provided an English-speaking guide to help you with the important stuff (mainly ordering more beer!), and you get everything you need to have a brilliantly retro afternoon in the lanes. You'll have the run of three alleys for two whole hours, shoes are included and there's even a prize for the winner. A Tallinn favourite.

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