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Gents, hold onto your hats. This is the ultimate stag weekend party - a full evening of exclusive booty, free booze and fine food. You're about to find out what it really feels like to be a Veep...

Forget reserved tables in restaurants, or guest list entry to a club. If you're really top of the list, you get to take over an entire sauna full of strippers and champagne. For the night. No, don't pinch yourselves boys. This is real, and it's waiting for you in a top class health club in Tallinn!

Picture this: you lot, a table creaking under the weight of free booze, a three course meal and a bunch of actual strippers who've been hired to hang out with you all night long! You won't know whether to laugh, eat, toast the groom or try to chat up a supermodel. So why not do all four at once?

As it's a privately hired sauna, the girls won't be wearing much to begin with. And the longer the party goes on, the fewer items of clothing they'll have left on their bodies!

A stag weekend doesn't get much better than this. The finest honeys in Tallinn, the best food, and all the bubbly, beer and shots you want. And no, the Mrs definitely doesn't need to know!

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