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Tenerife gets pretty hot, and for a bunch of lads with a hangover that can be a problem! If the beach is a bit too sweaty for the day after the night before, we'd recommend following the local's example and running for the water park in the hills.

This stag party classic is an absolute winner when the afternoon sun is beating down and gentlemen's heads are a little bit fried. You get to choose between fooling around on adrenaline-heavy monster slides, dicking about in relaxingly cool swimming pools, or just lying under a sun shade crying about your hangover. What could be better?

The names of the water slides should leave you in no doubt who's the boss at this water park. Can you tame the Jungle Snakes? Or conquer the Tower of Power?

Ideal for a stag party where adrenaline junkies and layabouts vie for supremacy, Tenerife's water park is the one place on the island where you can guarantee everyone will have a good time. No-one needs to be in tip-top physical condition to join in. And the mad lads get to go crazy on lethal death slides, while the mummy's boys can cluster around the pool and perv at the ladies. Happy days!

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Water Park

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