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Ay caramba! Just because you're in Spain, doesn't mean you have to stick to Spanish eats all weekend. Spice things up a bit on your Valencia stag party. Add a Mexican feast to the menu.

Mexican food is the perfect sharing food. Burritos, tortillas, enchiladas, heaping bowls of guacamole, salsa, and sour cream-they're all awesome additions to a stag party meal. Dive into a selection of Mexican dishes at this trendy restaurant in the popular Russafa area of the city, just 5 minutes from the centre in a taxi.

Russafa, also known as Ruzafa, is the most exciting nightlife area in Valencia. It used to be the city's best-kept secret, but well-informed travellers dished the dirt and the secret got out. Now this funky, eclectic neighbourhood is home to bohemian bars, alternative restaurants, and upscale drinking places. You could be downing cocktails out of jam jars one minute, and sipping champagne from crystal flutes the next! Think of this place as the scruffy younger sister of the pulsing Carmen district, and you've got it. It's the perfect part of town to grab some proper belly-busting grub, and have a massive night out.

If you prefer a big, sociable meal to a more formal sit-down dinner, this is the ideal way to start your stag party in Valencia. Share out the food, catch up with the fellers, and make a plan for the rest of the night. You could grab a cab back to the heart of the city, or you could wander the streets of Ruzafa and see where the evening takes you. Get the drinks in!

In a nutshell

  • Selection of Mexican dishes to share
  • In the popular Russafa area
  • Just 5 mins in a taxi from Valencia city centre
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