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Unfortunately this activity is no longer availabe, please see our full list activities available in Valencia.

Valencia is bordered by amazing natural beauty: awe-inspiring mountains, deep pine forests and broad, sweeping plains. Perfect for smashing to bits with a super-powered quad bike!

Quad biking is a stag party favourite in any country. In Spain, where the terrain rocks, it's a must. Saddle up on day two of your Valencia adventure, and get out into the hills for some rough and rugged competition on purpose-built 4WD beasts.

This isn't a circuit, but a real quad bike trek through some of the most dramatic country you'll ever see. Power up bumpy tracks, hit the berm in woodland sections and slide down rocky trails to river banks. After a couple of hours of full throttle entertainment, every feller in the stag party will be back on top form and ready to think about beer again!

Stag party afternoons are the hardest bit of the best man's duties. You owe it to your buddies to organise something that everyone can enjoy no matter how delicate they feel. Something that will revive. Something they don't get the chance to do every weekend. Quad biking is the answer. The quads do all the work, everyone gets to blow off some steam and you'll all come back to Valencia feeling like you did something useful with your afternoon. Winner.

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Quad Biking

This Package Includes

  • Quad Biking
  • Strip Show Fun
  • Night Club Entry
  • Airport Transfers
  • Accommodation

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