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Want to check out the sights of Vilnius' historic Old Town, but don't want to waste valuable drinking time looking at old buildings? Welcome to the world's greatest labour saving invention: the beer bike!

The beer bike combines everything that's brilliant about a stag party in the Baltics in one insanely clever package. Quaff spectacular beer straight from the tap, take a little gentle exercise and be guided to the most impressive sights in the city - on a mobile bar, which you power by pedalling!

There's a sound system to take care of the tunes, and a sober driver steering the machine from the front. All you lot have to do is sit at the bar, check out the sights and keep the pedals turning.

Don't worry if you don't usually drink on a bicycle seat. The pedals are motor assisted, so you won't have to put in much effort to keep the beer bike cruising around the city!

Check out the Crooked Castle (it isn't really crooked, it's just got irregular rooms), the Town Hall and the Cathedral Square. Enter the Old Town through the Gate of Dawn. Or head out to the Europos Parkas (the Park of Europe) to see the art installations. Wherever you take your stag party, the beer and choons go with you. Genius!

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Beer Bike

  • Beer Bike
  • 2 Course Meal
  • Airport Transfers
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