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Listen up, gentlemen. You'd be mad to come to Vilnius on a stag weekend and not go off road driving. Seriously. We're talking about genuine Baltic woodlands, massive water hazards, bumps and berms, all waiting for you to make a right mess of them with a specially design 4x4 mean machine! Forget dragging old Land Rovers around a bit of dirt back home. This is the way real men go off roading, and it's the ideal way to get back in the game after a Friday night sampling the delights of Vilnius' bar and club scene. Vroom!

Leave other motor sports to the less adventurous, and get off the beaten track with a powerful mother humper of a vehicle. This ain't no kart track, fool. This is the real deal. Vilnius is surrounded by some of the best off roading country in Eastern Europe, and thanks to the easy access you don't have to spend half a day in transit either. Leave the chocolate box skyline and insanio clubs behind for a few hours, get back to nature - and give it the beating it deserves. By the time you've finished with it, the woodland trail will look like you felt when you started. And you'll be bright as a button and ready to go mental in the city. Love it.

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Off Road Driving

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  • Off Road Driving
  • Airport Transfers
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