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After you've drunk Vilnius' crazy clubs dry, hung out with sensational Slavic honeys and seen the sights of the city, what's left? A stag party favourite, that's what. Saturday night's alright for ten pin bowling!

We love this activity. It's a brilliant shift in pace after 24 hours having it large in this Baltic belter of a city. Give the lads a chance to cool their boots and have a few sociable bevvies in a retro located bowling alley, or rock up in Big Lebowski costumes and own the place. You can make a ten pin bowling evening as high octane or as low key as you like: and once you've finished your frames, you can always head back out for another night of drinking and dancing!

Vilnius is perfect for the stag party on a budget, with nicely priced beers and shots in every bar. The bowling alley is no exception. Plus, you get snacks to go with your game. Chill with the boys, rack up some strikes and contemplate your next move. It's the perfect breather.

We'll run you back to your accommodation at the end of your evening: or you can let us know if you'd prefer to go out drinking again. We know what we'd do!

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