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When you see a Warsaw stag party activity called 'Adrenaline Rush' you know it has to be done! You will need balls of steel to tackle three high ropes challenges from a 30m-high building in Warsaw. Go on a high ropes bike ride that will make your knees shake. Gulp as you come face-to-face with the high ropes slackline, and then manfully fight the urge to scream like a girl as you whiz down a 250m-long zip line. This is mad as balls stuff. Think you can handle it?

Obviously you're not stuntmen working on a spy film! There will be instructors on site, who will make sure you stay safe while you get your kicks up in the air. These guys really know their stuff and will explain what's in store before you start.

Definitely one of the craziest, most intense things you can do on a Warsaw stag party, high ropes challenges will make you feel like superheroes on tour. This is an amazing city full of towering landmarks and famous buildings like the wavy Golden Terraces, The Barbican, and Staszic Palace. Imagine doing aerial challenges from a building in a capital city! Adrenaline Rush will make you feel epic and give the groom a killer Warsaw stag party. Put your names down and accept one of the scariest, most exciting challenges known to stag.


  • High ropes challenges in Warsaw
  • All from a 30m-high building
  • High ropes bike ride, slackline, 250m-long zipline
  • Instructors
  • All equipment and safety gear is supplied
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