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If there's one thing you've got to do on a Warsaw stag weekend, it's indoor paintballing. Stage your own shoot 'em up with two hours of paintball games in an old two-storey factory in Warsaw. This place will make you feel like Bourne, Bond, and Rambo all rolled into one. We're talking stairs, shadows, old stuff lurking in corners, and an atmosphere that will make every hair on your body stand to attention. Are you ready to see some action?

Get kitted out, load your guns with 200 balls, and head off for briefing. Then it's time for the ultimate in indoor paintballing! Warsaw stag weekend activities don't get much more intense than this. Get into teams, then lock, load, and go ballistic with attack and defend, speed games, and missions inspired by everything from war movies to video games and much more. Feel your heart bang against your chest as you line up a shot, make sure it's clean, and then take it. Will you go down in blaze of paintballs and then rise from the ashes like Warsaw did after it got bombed to the ground in WWII?

A good enough reason by itself to have a Warsaw stag weekend, indoor paintballing will send the adrenaline right off the scale. If you want intense, realistic action and urban warfare, get your unit together and ship out to Poland's capital, pronto.

In brief:

  • 2 hours of indoor paintball
  • Old factory in Warsaw
  • 200 balls
  • Safety gear supplied
  • Instructors
  • Guide
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