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Wroclaw has everything you need for a top stag weekend: culture, amazing surroundings, cheap beer and lots of fun stuff to do during the day. There's no need to worry about keeping the boys occupied when you're whizzing around a classic indoor karting track!

Suit up, belt up and leave the stag for dead as you burn away from the starting grid. You've got 420m of perfectly-designed karting fun to play with on the Wroclaw track, and it's all built for maximum speed. Drift into those bends, assert your authority on the straights and make sure the big man is cut up at every available opportunity!

Never again will you lot argue in the pub over who's the best driver in the crew. After a grand prix-style showdown on the kart track, the question's settled. This is more than just a hangover cure, lads. It's your chance to put your driving skills where your mouth is!

Every stag weekend needs a break from the beer (especially when it's this cheap!). Best men, get the boys on the road and congratulate yourself on a job well done. They'll thank you for the opportunity to do something fun in the afternoon, and you'll get kudos for finding the best karting track in town. Awesome.

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Indoor Karting

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