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For when you absolutely, positively have to kill every melon farmer in the room! The Kalashnikov AK-47 is legendary amongst men of mayhem everywhere. And now your own band of badasses gets to unleash the chaos. This is what a stag party in Wroclaw was made for.

As well as the great architecture, hot Polish ladies and sensationally cheap booze, blowing stuff to pieces with assault weaponry is one of the big draws to Wroclaw. Take advantage of the relaxed Eastern European attitude to firearms control, tool up with the most famous weapon in modern history and shoot the shit out of targets in a proper firing range.

You'll be trained in the art of automatic weapons fire by an experienced drill instructor, who will be on hand throughout your Kalashnikov shooting session to give you pointers (and stop you accidentally capping the bride's dad in the ass). Everyone gets 25 shots to play with, and we're sending an English-speaking guide with you. Lock and load, boys. This is not the kind of thing you get to do on a stag party back home!

The AK-47 is big, bad and noisy. Can you handle the kick?

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