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It's the Polish national sport, and like most of the rest of the country, it's bonkers and brilliant in equal measure! For a different kind of stag night, head over to Wroclaw's speedway circuit and place your bets. The madman's motorcycle event, speedway features specially chopped mean machines combining massive drag wheels at the back, and super thin road wheels at the front. The result is a fishtailing frenzy of a race, and with two to three hours of motorhead fun to look forward to, you've got plenty of time to get your head around the form guide too!

Don't think this is some novelty outing, either. Speedway's huge in Wroclaw, and Poland in general. Expect a packed stadium full of Poles out for a good time, and don't be surprised to see crowds of genuine hotties downing beers in plastic cups. Amazing.

Speedway sees its riders hit speeds of 80mph in the corners, which will send the excitement levels of your stag do through the roof. Get the lie of the land, check out the top riders, then start risking a few zloty on the next races.

After a couple of hours trackside, you'll have worked up a powerful head of adrenaline: and the bars and clubs of Wroclaw will be nicely warmed up and ready to rock. Now that's what we call a stag night.

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