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Bored of the same old stag weekend activities? Driven all the karts, and fired all the paintballs you can handle in one lifetime? Well, gents, it's time to celebrate. Because we've found something completely different for you to do. Welcome to Body Zorbing, the maddest thing you can do in the UK!

Not far from York, there's a great outdoor activity centre with a difference. Rolling down a 120 metre hill course, you'll find some most peculiar objects: huge inflatable balls, reinforced with individual air pockets to withstand a heck of a lot of bouncing around. And inside these balls? You lot, whooping and hollering and laughing like a bunch of loons!

Standing up inside a Zorb is pretty tricky. Staying standing in a Zorb rolling down a hill is impossible. You'll bounce, slide and roll about all the way down, and when you hit the bottom you'll be desperate to go back to the top and start all over again! Fortunately, everyone in the group gets two goes, so it ain't over until the father in law sings.

You can go down in a harnessed Zorb, which is awesome - or an aqua Zorb, which is the same thing but without restraints and full of water. You know you want to. Make a splash on your stag party in York, and cross something special off the bucket list!

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Aqua Zorbing

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