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Climbing is an awesome addition to your stag weekend menu. It's adventurous, it's fun, and you don't need to be Superman to do it. In fact, it's one of our top outdoor activities for boys with a headache!

In the hands of experienced climbing instructors, you'll go from zero to hero in just a couple of hours. Limber up with a low level foray onto the climbing wall, and pay attention to your safety briefing. You'll be harnessed for total safety, then led into the proper ascent!

Your climbing adventure takes place in a brilliant outdoor centre a short drive from York city centre. Set in the grounds of a beautifully preserved country house, the centre's climbing wall is surrounded by trees and parklands.

Don't worry if you have never climbed before. You will get all the safety equipment you need, and your instructors will talk you through every foot hold and hand hold. The key is to forget what you think you ought to be doing, and listen to the experts. Climb with your legs, and use your hands and arms for balance, rather than trying to pull up with your shoulders.

Getting some fresh air and exercise on the Saturday afternoon of a stag weekend is the ideal cure for those post-Friday night blues. Enjoy the Yorkshire countryside, and return to York feeling like new dudes!

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