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Want something that the lads are used to on your stag do, but with an added twist? Electric shock football will tickle you and unleash your inner demon! If you've ever watched a match and shouted at the telly, and thrown a proper tantrum, this is your dream event. You play football and variation games for one hour. Two of you are given electric shock devices at the beginning of each game. Then, once the whistle blows, you give them to the next two and get on the pitch. It might be mean but it's the only way to keep things fair.

Now you can properly penalise the players for whatever you see fit: pushing, diving, pulling shirts, charges, handling the ball - the list is endless. If the ref awards a penalty that you don't agree with, shock him. Then shock him again, just to make sure he doesn't make the same mistake twice.

No one needs to commit an actual foul to get shocked. If you're enjoying the power, you can zap away as much as you wish for any 'offence'. Like standing. Breathing. Laughing. The groom is gonna get it. It's the done thing! You'll have a lot of chances to stitch him right up. It's way funnier than chucking him in the Ouse, and the video will be so funny to watch back.

This is the most fun a football fan can have, it goes without saying. Get it booked and have a class York stag do!

In a nutshell:

  • 60 minutes' game time
  • Football and variant games
  • 10 electric shock gadgets
  • Instructor/event organiser
  • Ball and bibs
  • Group photo
  • Over 18s only
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