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York's freakiest sightseeing tour is just the ticket for a stag party Saturday! Get the lads ready for an evening of spooky fun in Britain's most haunted town.

This epic stag party adventure is not for the faint of heart! You'll see the most frightening sights in York as your tour bus travels from York Station to Dick Turpin's grave. Visit the Treasurer's House, where a whole battalion of spirits has been known to manifest in the cellar. Drive past Clifford's Tower and York Minster as your ghoulish guides regale you with tales of bloody murder.

The sights outside aren't the only things guaranteed to freeze the blood on this trip! Your tour bus is a former hearse, which has seen its share of spooky goings-on. Fortunately, the staff are trained to deal swiftly with any paranormal problems. Keep your eyes peeled and your ears sharp, and report any disturbances to the creepy conductor.

How many passengers were with you when you boarded the York Ghost Bus? How many are there now? We've heard tales of uninvited guests and strange disappearances. Soak up the atmosphere and watch out for disembodied hands or ghostly apparitions! If the groom is the nervous type, it's probably best to make him pack some brown trousers for this one...

In a nutshell

  • Ghost Tour Bus around York city
  • Visit the most famous haunted sites in Britain
  • Comedy-horror theatrics on board
  • Expect surprises on the bus!
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