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A stag party classic and perfect for the Saturday afternoon bit of your trip to York. Tool up in teams and get ready for the battle to end all battles - a desperate struggle for supremacy that'll rage through abandoned bunkers, war-damaged buildings, rivers and an enemy fort. And let's not forget the nowhere-to-hide showdown on a huge purpose built bridge.

York doesn't do paintballing by half, as you'll realise as soon as your stag party hits the briefing room. You'll be given a comprehensive rundown of safety and equipment, and kitted out with performance camo gear; high tech masks; and of course guns. These aren't your average lame-o pistols, but high velocity crowdstoppers capable of splattering a best man from head to toe in seconds.

Once the stag group has been split into team's you'll be sent out into York's all-action paintball environment to complete a series of classic missions. Capture the flag, storm the enemy bunker or infiltrate the embassy. Whatever you choose to do, we guarantee you'll be humming the theme to Apocalypse Now as you hurl yourself over the obstacles and start blasting! Da da da DAH da, Da da da DAH DAH, Da da da DAAAAH. I love the smell of paintballs in the morning...

Your York paintballing package includes:

  • 300 balls per warrior
  • safety briefing
  • multiple games
  • game marshals
  • safety gear
  • guns and camo suits
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This Package Includes

  • Paintballing
  • Night Club Entry
  • Accommodation

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