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York is full of history. Its cobbled streets have seen wars and royal processions. Its walls once held tribal chieftains at bay. And now it's got you lot to contend with!

Cause a stir in central York with a combination of sporting dares, lady-challenges and good old-fashioned stag party fun. There's a reason we call this one the Ultimate Stag Treasure Hunt. It really is the ultimate stag challenge!

Part treasure hunt, part pub quiz and part dare, the Ultimate Stag Treasure Hunt takes you on a tour of York's most famous streets and monuments. You'll see the city's medieval and Roman walls. You'll run through the Shambles asking pretty ladies if you can take their picture. And when you're tired of arsing around, you get not one but three beer breaks. Legendary.

Answer questions correctly for points. Complete mad challenges for points. Drink ale (or lager). Embarrass yourselves in front of women. For points. This is what a stag party was made for!

Unlike most stag treasure hunts, we've left the choice of pub to you lot. You get three goes at the beer during the afternoon. Listen out for the pint prompt, and get yourselves to the nearest good looking bar!

York is full of likely watering holes, including real ale pubs, crazy cocktail bars and trendy wine bars. Raise a glass, answer a couple of questions about movies or sport, and prepare yourselves for the next physical challenge...

In a nutshell:

  • Stag party treasure hunt in York
  • Sporting dares
  • Crazy challenges
  • Video and photo tasks
  • 3 beer stops
  • Off Limits accepts no responsibility for injuries sustained doing sporting dares
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