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How do you combine extra stag party drinking time with some wife-friendly culture vulturing? Easy! Take your learning in the form of a whisky tasting crash course, and not even the most critical of future life partners can castigate you for wasting your weekend.

We've reserved you a private area in a popular bar in the middle of York. Rock up in time to sink a classic whisky cocktail, check out the local lady talent and prepare to drink yourselves silly. Sorry, learn about whisky. A qualified bar dude will rack up six shooters of different whiskies for the group to try, and you'll be given points for correctly guessing what kind you're downing.

Listen to the lesson, and knock back your first three shorts to find out the difference between all the types of whisky. The second three-shot round is a blind taste test to see how much you've learned!

There are brilliantly silly prizes for the losers, and the winners get to boast about their palates until they've scared off all the lasses.

This is a brilliant stag party afternooner, full of jesting and free booze. Enjoy historic York from the comfort of a bar booth, and get warmed up for a massive night out!

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Whisky Tasting

This Package Includes

  • Whisky Tasting
  • 2 Course Meal
  • Accommodation

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