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If you want a bucket list, balls of steel type of stag do, sky diving in Zagreb is just the ticket. Ballsier than bungee jumping and crazier than white water rafting, leaping out of a plane has to be the maddest, baddest experience known to man. Feel the adrenaline burst in your chest as your take that step off the plane and enjoy your first moment of freefall!

In addition to being one hell of a buzz, sky diving is an awesome way to see the whole of Zagreb. Once you've finished whooping and yelling, you'll see Zagreb's towering cathedrals, parks, hills, lakes, vineyards, woods and fields. Everything looks like Lego blocks, it's crazy, utterly surreal and unlike any other sensation on earth!

After the initial freefall experience, you'll enjoy a gradual glide back down to terra firma.

This is tandem sky diving so it's a little less nerve racking than flying solo. A qualified, seasoned instructor will be with you and will pull the cord, leaving you free to enjoy the ride.

Come on! If ever there was a time to do a sky dive, your stag do has to be it!

Sky diving in Zagreb includes:

  • Safety briefing and instruction
  • Equipment and safety gear
  • Qualified instructor
  • Certificate of achievement to prove you did it!
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