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Unleash the soldier within at stag boot camp. Round up the troops for three challenges: assault course, laser tag and the beasting station, run by a right sergeant major of an instructor. No lame excuses about hangovers or sniffles. This is stag army boot camp! You'll get some classic banter out of this one, gents.

Challenge 1: Assault Course

Get the blood pumping and lungs cleared on an assault course that features all the famous obstacles: scramble net, Burma bridge, black hole, rope swings, high wall, and a wide ravine. Team work is a must if you want to survive stag army boot camp. You know the drill! Leave no man behind and help your fellow stags with stuff they're struggling with so the unit can complete the course.

Challenge 2: Laser Tag

Best described as pain-free paintball. Split into teams and compete in speed and strategy games armed with the latest infrared guns.

Challenge 3: Beasting Station

A test of physical fitness that will have you wishing you'd given up smoking or not consumed quite so much beer the night before!

Duration: 3hrs

Minimum numbers apply.

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