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Does exactly what it says on the tin, in unforgettable style! If you think it would be bad form to leave erotic entertainment off the agenda for a stag party, boobie wrestling is the way forward. We're talking hot, well-equipped topless girls on a mission to take each other down in a sea of jelly.

Prepare to see antics that will be etched onto eyeballs for all eternity. It's not every day you get the chance to see erotic entertainment quite like this. There's a surprise in store for the groom. He'll be suitably humiliated when the girls drag him into the ring for round two!

The groom is sent off in the time-honoured tradition and the rest of the group get to enjoy the experience as well. Everyone's a winner with stag party boobie wrestling!

Includes: 2 x 10-minute topless matches, round of beers.

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