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Picture the scene: you're driving from the airport to your accommodation, the first beers have been opened and the stag party is well and truly under way. Then your driver notices a lone female by the side of the road...

He mutters something about feeling sorry for the young lady, how she'll never get a lift. And doesn't she feel cold, dressed like that? Perhaps you could give her a ride, as you've got the room...

The ultimate stag party stitch up, this one's made all the more perfect by the way it's done. We'll arrange for a smoking hot stripper to get picked up by your driver on the way into town. At first, she plays it cool. She's grateful, and she hopes you guys are having a good time. Why are you in a limo, though? Is it some kind of celebration? You're on a stag party? Well, since you've been so kind, maybe there's something she can do to thank the groom!

The next thing you know, your new friend is whipping off her clothes and getting personal with the big man. She'll perform a truly sizzling routine at close quarters, and when she's done you're dropped off at your accommodation. You won't find a better start to a stag party - just don't tell the Mrs!

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