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This ain't your average driving activity! If you want a fresh challenge for a stag weekend, powerturns will deliver, big time. Race your mates in off-road buggies operated by two levers. It takes true skill to control these big boys' toys.

Once you've got your head round the fact that powerturns have no steering wheel or pedals, you're halfway there. In fact, you'll soon discover the lack of conventional car controls is a good thing as you'll be able to pull wheelies whilst going round corners, spin on the spot and do donuts. Brilliant for blowing off steam on stag weekends, powerturns can really shift and supply a sweet adrenaline rush. Driving will never be the same again after this session.

Go solo or pair up and operate one lever each for a true test of communication skills!

Stag weekend powerturns includes: safety briefing, instruction, and all necessary equipment.

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