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Stag do tank driving sessions are the nuts. Come on, it's a real TANK! Why the hell wouldn't you grab the opportunity to see what it's like to navigate a genuine armoured car round a military training course, complete with obstacles to crush and seriously tough terrain to conquer.

If you want something meatier than quad biking and karting, get behind the controls of this bad boy and take it for a spin. On arrival, you'll be met by an instructor who will kit everyone out with camo gear and helmets, and show you how to control a tank that's seen active service. Take it out on the course and feel the adrenaline kick in as the caterpillars crush everything in their path. Just the job for a stag do, tank driving has to be tried by every man at least once in a lifetime.

The lads will thank you profusely for sorting this one!

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